Stay True Sounds Finally Releases Jonny Millers Edit Of Olaf Stuut

After hearing Jonny Miller play this massive tune over and over on his 2015 South Africa tour it was time to find out what it was… Jonny shared this edit with Kid Fonque & Jullian Gomes ‘Its an edit of this guy called Olaf Stuut ‘he said, ‘Don’t share it with anyone!’ Stay True Camp Jullian and Kid were such fans of the tune they both championed it around South Africa and finally played it on Boiler Room TV in March 2016. After sharing the track listing from the set Jonny Miller had so many requests for the edit we had to find a way to release it. A few mails back and forth and we are VERY proud to be able to officially release the Jonny Miller edit of Olaf Stuut – Siren.

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