FKA Mash’s EP gets attention from all BIG players!

FKA Mash – PRJKT 2

Some feedback on this highly anticipated EP:

Jimpster – Sounding like a mighty fine talent coming through on this one. Like a deeper, jazzier Stimming after a large bong! Yeah, I really like this. Nice one
Vinny Da Vinci – Delicious 4 TRACKER!!!!
Simbad – Super tight production, not sure im gonna play out but totally bubblin to Another Glitch Dub & No Talking right now

FKA Mash from Soweto started making music at the age of 11 after he got his hands on Fruity Loops. He signed his first deal in 2010 under the moniker “Ethni Mash”, which then changed to “MASH” and changed again to the current FKA MASH.  This new EP ‘PRJKT-2’ offers a diverse range of deep house all with what Mash calls ‘that pure sweet melody’.


1. Fka Mash – My Happy Place
2. Fka Mash – Drown My Sorrows
3. Fka Mash – Another Glitch Dub
4. Fka Mash – No Talking

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