My Tutorials Part 4

Ta-Ice Label: Stay True Sounds Year: 2017
There are so many copycats & impersonators in any scene, The South African House scene is no different with so many producer’s sounding the same and nothing unique coming out the speakers. It takes an artist like Ta-Ice to stand up and make music that sounds so original. Morphing afro house into tech and beyond, coming up with something that is truly his own. After he released his massive ‘Four Fathers’ anthem Stay True Sounds payed attention and had him remix Kid Fonque’s Bossa Over? which quickly became a favorite for DJ’s like Joris Voorn, Vinny Da Vinci & Jullian Gomes. Ta Ice started sending the label his new works and we couldn’t say no. Unique and fresh to a South African house scene, these tech house cuts are the start to a new sound that South Africa is surely in need of.