’95 March
Zito Mowa

New Stay True Sounds signing Zito Mowa is an art director by day & beat maker by night. Mr Mowa is is not willing to operate inside preconceived genre boundaries & is always experimenting. Mainly being influenced by Disco, Funk, Soul and of course Jazz, which all come across in his productions.  This is Zito’s 2nd EP and covers the music that moves him, from House to Disco & Hip Hop instrumentals, its all here.

Plutonic Dreams

Karabo Moloi better known as KVRVBO a music producer from a small township known as Duduza, Ekurhuleni in Johannesburg presents his first Ep on Stay True Sounds called ‘Plutonix Dreams’. This EP showcases his passion for true deep house music. Enjoy!


Stay True Sounds is very proud to be releasing Myazisto’s EP1. Direct Deep Tech House from the motherland!

Stay True Sounds is extremely proud to be releasing its first full length album with none other than deep house wonder Dwson from the Mother City of Cape Town South Africa.  If you're familiar with his previous underground local Eps, remixes and hits like Luna & Lucy you’ll know that he keeps it very experimental , deep, tech and soulful and his debut album entitled ‘Impulsiv' does all of the above!  On this project, Dwson gets into studio to produce his first tracks with featured vocalists Ziyon, Sio and Jackie Queens, who help to add an entirely new dimension to his repertoire.

Siyabloma EP
Fka Mash

Fka Mash releases his 2nd EP for Stay True Sounds.   The title track ‘Siyabloma’ features the vocal talent of Tahir Jones & has become something of an anthem in South Africa, dark & slow, soul for the future!  The rest of the EP really sums up the unique sound that Fka Mash has created and Stay True Sounds are so happy to be part of that journey.
Revelation EP
Sean Munnick

Stay True Sounds are happy to announce the first EP from Port Elizabeth’s very own Sean Munnick. Originally (and still ) one half of the Munnibrotherz, Sean Munnick’s solo career has taken off recently with an amazing set on Boiler Room in late 2017 as well as a heavy 2018 DJ schedule. Munnick’s sound is all about the bounce, and this EP certainly showcases that with the lead track ‘Time’ demonstrating his take on the South African 'Afro House' sound.
Compiled By Kid Fonque & Daev Martian
Stay True Beat Series Vol.1

Kid Fonque & Daev Martian search far & wide to unearth some of the finest Electronic Producers and Beatmakers from all over South Africa. Various styles are coverered on Stay True Beat Series – from the Bass Heavy production of Kymac & White Nite to the electronica of Swish 8-8 & FRNGE all the way to the jazzy noodles of Deav Martian & EMAMKAY. Kid & Daev dig deeper to showcase the new school electronic Underground from down South.
Stay True Selections Vol.3
Various Artists

Once again label heads Jullian Gomes & Kid Fonque scower South Africa for unsigned music to showcase on the 3rd edition of Selections.  Unearthing new talent from Port Elizabeth to Soweto and back to Johannesburg.  Quality approved house music from the motherland.


Dwson (pronounced 'Dawson') is a 23 year old producer hailing from Cape Town in South Africa.  Although still young, he has an ear and sound equalling many of his older peers - mature deep house music packed with enough soul and love to keep even the most seasoned connoisseur listening.
Laura’s Sail

BillowJazz was brought up in Pretoria South Africa inspired by his father who was a choir condunctor and avid jazz listener. After high school Billow went on to study audio engineering in Johannesburg where he learnt how to produce. His passion for house music & jazz led him his unique production style which takes heavy jazz samples and and infuses them with a pure deep house sound. Welcome to the sounds of Billowjazz!